Frequently Asked Questions

Why your company is named after “Xinh Creations”?


Xinh” means “Beautiful"" in Vietnamese as our general manager and designer, miss Trang, is Vietnamese.. With her team, miss Trang aims at creating beautiful original gifts. Miss Trang has an international background as she lived in Vietnam, France and Cambodia. Today based in Vietnam and Cambodia, Xinh Creations targets at being an international company, with manufacturing in South East Asia and worldwide distribution network., while still being always proud of its Vietnamese background. That is how we found it a reasonable idea to choose our company’s name “Xinh Creations”.

Why do you call yourself a Social Business?

Xinh creations has been started since day one as a social business, focusing its mission on creating hand crafted beautiful souvenirs and gifts while opening jobs for under-privileged hearing-impaired people. We employ deaf people both at manufacturing and as sales representatives, which make us unique. We also make sure our employees receive salary and benefits better than our competition. We provide full-time fixed jobs which allows them to enjoy and plan for e better life within their communities. We also promote performance in recognizing and rewarding financially our best producing and selling employees. 

Where are your operations based?

Xinh Creations operations are split between Vietnam and Cambodia. We have a workshop and a shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We also have one office and a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. All our Xinh Creations products are made in our two workshops. We have external distribution at different point of sales trough a network of professional partners in Cambodia, France and Switzerland. and we operate directly one Xinh Creation shop downtown Siem Reap.  


Why do you call yourself fair-trade?

Xinh Creations international development advocates for the payment of higher prices for its products, which translates into better salaries and benefits for its workforce. Also Xinh Creations focus on disable local people is above any local social standard. On top, Xinh Creations has high environmental standard with the consumption mostly recycled and locally hand made materials, such as mulberry papers.

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